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Throwback Thursday: If You Saw Them Live, You Get It

Feb 07th | categories: Music Video

What were the first three shows you saw live? Me: 1. Korn 2. Rancid 3. Goldfinger. In 1994, seeing Korn came with a desire to immediately buy a 7-string, Ibanez guitar STAT. I had no idea what punk music meant, but Rancid's mosh pit beat that out of ignorance out of me. Finally, a band that played at a higher energy level than i've ever seen again KILLED it twice in one week. Goldfinger didn't bring 100%, nor the impossible 110%. They brought 111%!

This throwback used the momentum built by Green Day blowing up and took it a step poppy-er. That first album is incredible and the followup Hang Ups doesn't disappoint, either. "Fuck LA", "Skeletons", and "Answers" played this strange mix of The Specials, a beach cabana and something... fight-y-er/punk. WHAT A GREAT TIME! Time to throw back to 1996 and the single "Here In Your Bedroom":

Wait, is this video just about a guy pooping? Gross.



Throwback Thursday: If You Saw Them Live, You Get It
| February 07, 2013 at 5:24PM
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