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Throwback Thursday: Hated This Video

Mar 14th | categories: Music, Music Video

It's crazy to imagine a time when MTV sorta functioned as a means to deliver music videos to your hungry eyes... It's even weirder to think that this seven minute Radiohead song, "Paranoid Android", with no chorus played, A LOT. I was stuck at home with mononucleosis (mono) and missed three weeks of school. It seemed as though everytime I came around this stupid video for the dumb song with no chorus would be playing. WHAT AN IDIOT.

Over time, I grew to like Radiohead including a giant boner for In Rainbows. Yeah, I'm the guy that loves that album.

Parnoid Android

Eventually some nerd went back and played the song on Mario Paint AND THE PART WITH THE KITTIES IS THE BEST EVER!

How about when they used to do it live? This Jools Holland performance rules:

If you watched all three... damn, you're dedicated.



Throwback Thursday: Hated This Video
| March 14, 2013 at 5:22PM
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