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This is Ridiculous, But Are You Eating Apples The Wrong Way?

Nov 13th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff, Video

How can there possibly be a correct way to eat apples? You just take a freakin' bite, avoid the core, and stay away from the seeds. Then, while awkwardly handling the remains in a pinchy fashion, find the compost bin (if you live in Seattle) and discard that sucker.


THAT MAN IS INSANE!!! He just ate the freakin core like a barbarian or a wild beast. It turns out that what we think of as the core is just our silly way of eating around the seeds. When you eat it like the brute above, you'll have to spit out the seeds so you don't inadventently grow a fruit tree in your belly... ;)

UPDATE: Ok, so I tried to eat the apple like the video (pictured above), and the dude is correct. You can eat 40% more apple by doing it that way. The downside: the seeds, though housed in a sweet star pattern, are tricky to get to and easy to chomp down upon, there's no good handle once you're half way through, and it's messy. I went to throw away the stem and the bottom stem/butt thing into compost and immediately loved the decision to eat this new way when seeing this:

That's a lot of wasted apple right there!




This is Ridiculous, But Are You Eating Apples The Wrong Way?
| November 13, 2013 at 5:37AM
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