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There was a Bigfoot sighting on 'Couv Island!

Mar 07th | categories: Animals, Funny, Local, Weird News

Does anyone else refer to Vancouver Island as 'Couv Island? Cause we really should. Then you could tell your friends that you were taking a trip... TO THE COUV! I'm strange, I know. Anyway... A fisheries officer on the island recently had a very strange encounter with an unknown creature! He claims it was not a bear, and this dude has seen quite a few bears in his life so I believe him. After fleeing from the creature, the officer later returned to the site and found footprints to back up his claim! Yessss! I love these stories. Read his account of exactly what happened over here.

PS - That photo may or may not be of Bigfoot related items that I own.


There was a Bigfoot sighting on 'Couv Island!
| March 07, 2014 at 10:34AM
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