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There's a World Record Brewing in Renton

Jul 23rd | categories: Nerd Stuff

Take a look at your average Rubik's Cube, a toy invented in the 70's and popularized in the 80's. It is three cubes wide, three cubes tall, and three cubes deep.

That's not where the fun stops, nope. There are a variety of different sizes from the 2x2x2 all the way to the 17x17x17!!!! In competition, official events go all the way up to 7x7x7.

Seattle's Kevin Hays happens to be THE GUY in the USA for solving the bigger cubes. Kevin holds the WORLD RECORD for solving the 6x6x6 (and he's got top 10 in a few other categories, too).

His resume:

Evidently, Kevis has been practicing like a madman at getting another world record. Just four days prior to the World Championships in Las Vegas, NV, this weekend, Hays posted a video of his home trials and this incredible world record pace solve. You have to see how fast he can solving this f'ing thing, he's a beast:

Now, it doesn't count as an official solve, but he's on pace by a full 10 seconds to get the record this weekend. Cross your fingers for our favorite nerd! Also, cross your fingers for me, i'm competing and not ANYWHERE near as good as Mr Hays...



There's a World Record Brewing in Renton
| July 23, 2013 at 3:51PM
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