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There's a Mudhoney Bio coming out this week!

Mar 19th | categories: Books, Local, Music

If you listened to grunge and rock music in the 90's, then you should be familiar with Mudhoney. Especially if you grew up in Seattle or are a fan of the record label, Sub Pop. The band went on tour with both Nirvana and Pearl Jam back in the day, released quite a few good records, and really should have gotten more attention in the music world than they did. Though, Mudhoney's been everywhere in our town this last year; they played the Silver Jubilee, opened for Pearl Jam(again), and they just got their own ice cream flavor! So get familiar with Mudhoney(if you aren't already) by reading their Biography that hits store this Friday. You can read an excerpt from the book over here.

Photo via flickr.


There's a Mudhoney Bio coming out this week!
| March 19, 2014 at 1:54PM
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