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The VMA's Are Weird

Aug 26th | categories: TV, Video

A tweet from @1077theend summed up the glam-fest weirdness at last night's MTV VMA's: "Now more than ever this whole thing just feels like labels purchased slots for acts to promote their new album. Like giant 10 minute ads." Totally. And he we are the following day, talking/posting about it and watching the videos. Pretty smart of them.

While Mackloremore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert actually had an equal rights message to offer in their performance of "Same Love", and Justin Timberlake reunited NSYNC, it's the slutty, "I do what I want", masturbatory behavior of Miley Cyrus that got the internet's attention.

Miley/Robin Thicke/Rap Guys

Vampire Weekend presenting the award for Best Song of the Summer paired them singing the hook for the winner and standing next to the biggest pop band in the world:

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lamber, Jennifer Hudson delivered a cool performance of "Same Love":

Then they won Best Hip Hop Video and said some nice equal rights things:

JT performed for 15 minutes! WHAT?! When's the last time MTV waited that long to go to commercial?!



The VMA's Are Weird
| August 26, 2013 at 7:48AM
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