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The Truth About Streaming Music Online

Nov 15th | categories: Music News

Look, out of the gate I wanna say this is not some sort of weird propoganda we're putting forth in an attempt to get you to listen to radio. But as someone who works with bands on a daily basis, has spent time working at indie labels, and continues to observe the evolution of artist income in our everchanging market, I can't help but be awakened by this essay on the truth behind the dollar breakdown of online streaming services put together by Damon Krukowski of indie band Galaxie 500. It's worth a good read if you're into doing what supports an artist (namely buying merch at their shows or directly from their website) but really, even if you're not into it, it's worth it for the sake of educating yourself on the subject. Because eventually we'll be faced with an ultimatum where developing artsits won't be making enough to press on through the hard times to write that classic album you love. Just something to stew on. Read the article here.


The Truth About Streaming Music Online
| November 15, 2012 at 1:51PM
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| November 15, 2012 at 8:32PM
Thanks for the link to Damon's article it was a wonderful read. I enjoyed that he was willing to share that info but at the same time wasn't whining, complaining or making excuses, just sharing his opinion and information! My personal opinion is that I would prefer to support bands directly than pay for a service like Pandora or Spotify, the music and creativity is worth it in the end!

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