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The Secret To The Best Weekend: Robots.

Apr 01st | categories: Nerd Stuff

Whenever you're bummed about how craptastic our sloth-ish internet culture grows every year, don't put on a Morissey record and mope around your overpriced apartment. No, instead find something inspiring that provides a positive hope in humanity, like children creating awesome robots that will one day murder us... the robots... not the children... well, maybe the children, too... murderers.

The First Robotics Competition (FRC) of Washington challenged high school robot clubs to make flisbee hurling, metal beasts for competition in some sort of battle arena. Like any good hippie, the machine needs to have pretty good aim at the targets to avoid to much unnecessary running around the field! Check out this example:

In between matches, this mohawk'd kid employed his t-shirt bazooka-bot to mortar-shell some sweet free t's into the surprisingly large crowd of supporters.

This enviornment strangely resembled something out of a Harry Potter Quidditch match with kids in the stands sporting signs, scarves, uniforms and facepaint, and wildly cheering their fellow nerds to victory. Keith, my wizard friend in attendance, suggested that the match felt like something out of a cool Nickelodeon show. Next time this happens, lets go to it.



The Secret To The Best Weekend: Robots.
| April 01, 2013 at 3:17PM
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