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The Seahawks and Starbucks are teaming up!

Oct 23rd | categories: Awesome, Food, Local, Seattle Sports

If you stop by a local Starbucks today between 3pm and 4pm, you might see a familiar face. Pete Carroll and a few of the Seahawks players are playing "Guest Barista" for a good cause. A Better Seattle is a community initiative founded by Pete Carroll himself! They help give new opportunities to at risk youth. You can donate to A Better Seattle today by stopping by Starbucks. Click here for locations and info.

In other Starbucks news... they're opening a TEA BAR with Teavana! This is one of my greatest dreams realized and it needs to happen in Seattle ASAP. (Right now they're only trying out New York City) Tea > Coffee any day! Would you buy fancy tea at Starbucks? Find out more here.


The Seahawks and Starbucks are teaming up!
| October 23, 2013 at 10:49AM
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