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The Postal Service to Reunite For Coachella?

Jan 08th | categories: Music News

Alright, the idea of The Postal Service reuniting for shows is sort of the holiest of holies for the indie Northwest. Soliciting questions in nearly every interview w/ Ben Gibbard and he's shot them all down 100%. Well, at least when it comes to the Idea of a new PS record. Today NY blog Brookyln Vegan posted the headline "POSTAL SERVICE REUNION IN THE WORKS" with a simple press photo and tag for Coachella, leading many to speculate that the well connected indie blog has some insider knowledge. Whether they do or not is somewhat irrelevant at this point however as giant rumors like these tend to get the ball rolling anyway and promoters start throwing around large sums of money, and we the concert going public, end up happy. It is worth noting that the recently platinum selling Postal Service album just turned 10 years old and we know how people love their multiples of 10.... We'll keep you posted on any more rumblings. Excited yet? Tell us on Facebook.



The Postal Service to Reunite For Coachella?
| January 08, 2013 at 9:43AM
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