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The Mariners Are Number 1...

Mar 29th | categories: Nerd Stuff, Seattle Sports

The Mariners showed up to spring training with the same enthusiasm as Chewbacca at a bowcaster convention, but that's not why they'll be number one this year.

Earlier, Pepper wrote about watching the first Mariners game of the season, when they're on the road in Oakland, on the giant gazillion dollar screen just installed at Safeco! The screen, at 11500ft2 or the size of 23 of my studio apartments, is the biggest of any MLB stadium - number 1. It's capable of being hooked up to an xbox for gaming and will certainly be the center piece to an awesomely fun summer. Geekwire hung out at the Safe and captured some video to give you a feel for the enormity of this beast:

Don't forget that the new Edgar Cafe will join The Pen in the outfield this season and the outfield walls were brought in - all part of a $15 million Safeco offseason enhancement.

If you wanna see it in person, head out on Monday (April 1st) to watch the season opener (which takes place in Oakland) via the giant new screen!

Does this make you interested in attending more games in 2013?



The Mariners Are Number 1...
| March 29, 2013 at 4:19PM
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