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The End's Zero Emission Studio

The Pacific Northwest has always led the country in demonstrating a commitment to the environment that goes beyond talk. We buy local, recycle, and even use environmentally conscious products with our families. It’s your dedication that has inspired us.
At 107.7 The End, we’re pleased to now use clean energy. By making the choice to use green power, we help to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, improve air quality and reduce the growth of climate-warming emissions. The cost of using renewable power is relatively low, and supports geothermal, biogas, and hydro energies along with wind farms - all produced in Washington or neighboring states. Using green power is only one way to neutralize our environmental impact. Here are some others.
No one person or company can do everything, but everyone can do something and we hope that by making this shift in our business model, more companies will do the same. We encourage you to join us and look forward to partnering with you to bring our part of the world closer and closer to zero emissions.
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