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The Blood Brothers' "Burn, Piano Island, Burn" Turns 10

Mar 04th | categories: Music, Music News

One of the greatest Seattle bands there ever was put out an album 10 years ago today that still stands up to your worst (and best) moods a decade later, and that album is The Blood Brothers - "Burn, Piano Island, Burn". I remember being 14 and thinking it was so rad these dudes wen't to my high school and then actually hearing it and... fucking hating it. BUT with age comes grace and like any sensible human, they've gone on to become one of my favorite bands, not just locally, but period. And we're certainly lucky to claim them as our own.

Guitarist Cody Votolato sat down for a chat about what the record means to him after all this time as well as hip us to what he's up to these days as well. And while he doesn't shout to the skies that a Blood Bros reunion is in the works, he also doesn't rule out the idea all together. Maybe someday. Check out the whole thing here and some choice cuts from the record, below.



The Blood Brothers' "Burn, Piano Island, Burn" Turns 10
| March 04, 2013 at 7:26PM
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