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Terrifying Robot Dog, Don't Let It Hump Your Leg

Oct 04th | categories: Animals, Nerd Stuff

Cute, furry dog of the future is terrifying robot today! Boston Dynamics (aka Cyberdyne) has a new furry friend for your pre-post-apocalyptic future. It's supposed to be a robot dog, but the project is called WildCat (sun devils suck). Regardles, the monster can now run faster than me, and strap a jet pack on it and we're all screwed. Luckily, it doesn't feature a robotic dog head/jaw/tongue. You think your dog is stinky when it gets into the trash, imagine the exhaustrapidly killing you while you slept.



Terrifying Robot Dog, Don't Let It Hump Your Leg
| October 04, 2013 at 8:57AM
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