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Teacher Suspended After Playing Macklemore's Gay Rights Anthem In Class

Nov 30th | categories: Music, Music News

It's pretty digusting that we still live in such a backward ass country where homophobia is not only allowed, but tolerance is shunned and discouraged. This is exactly the case after an 8th grade teacher was suspended for playing "Same Love" for a class of students in S. Lyon MIchigan. The school claims the 3 day suspension was due to a violation in protocol, we say that's effing bogus. Macklemore posted this on his website in response:

This incident is just one of tens of thousands that have happened across the country where schools have exposed a latent homophobia, preventing safe space for all young people to feel confident in being themselves. It’s clear that Ms. Johnson felt bullying and “gay bashing” were issues that needed to be addressed, and by doing so, was punished.

I wrote the song “Same Love,” not with the expectation that it would cure homophobia and lead to marriage equality across the US (although that’d be awesome). It was written with the hope that it would facilitate dialogue and through those conversations understanding and empathy would emerge.



Teacher Suspended After Playing Macklemore's Gay Rights Anthem In Class
| November 30, 2012 at 12:27PM
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