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TRAILER: Star Trek Into Darkness

Apr 16th | categories: Trailer

Like a belt on a sweaty, roid raging wrestler, JJ Abrams holds the honor as "best decision the Star Trek franchise ever made" . Dammit, I forgot about the time they chose Patrick Stewart for The Next Generation. Co-champs? One thing is certain, when they let Shatner direct Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the series fell to it's lowest point only without a spaceboot-clad Spock to save it.

We're just a month and a day away from the second stroke in Abrams painting of the early Trek universe: Star Trek Into Darkness. Today a new trailer revealed more about the villain John Harrison - pretty vanilla bad guy name - and the trouble he's to cause our young Captain Kirk.

Do you think this movie brings with it the potential to out-do 2009's release? Star Trek Into Darkness debuts May 17th.

Are you pumped that Abrams will also direct Star Wars VII?



TRAILER: Star Trek Into Darkness
| April 16, 2013 at 2:13PM
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