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TRAILER: Anchorman 2

Jun 19th | categories: Trailer

With lines like "the arsonist had oddly shaped feet" and "that squirrel can waterski!" the original Anchorman will forever offer lines to make an awkward situation at least a hint more tollerable. The announcement of a sequel on the other hand... well, I'm worried. The bright light that keeps me hopeful of a hit: Kristin Wiig. The new trailer for Anchorman 2 made it's way to technology that in Ron Burgundy world won't be available for 30+ more years:

Wow, the Kristin Wiig joke sucks! Do you think this sequel has a chance of killing or is it bound for flop island? Comment below!




TRAILER: Anchorman 2
| June 19, 2013 at 10:10AM
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