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TRAILER: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Oct 18th | categories: Trailer

Wes Anderson used to be a tough pill to swallow. His ultra dry writing and whit packaged in gorgeous cinematography baffled my simple cinema brain. Then characters like Jason Schwartzman found their acting stride and started to swoon me in. Bill Murray, when featured, serves a wonderful, often subtle purpose in most Anderson films: excellent. It simply took a cute, not overly complicated film about cute puppy love and conviction to re-warm my icy heart: Moonrise Kingdom.

Now I'm no film critic, I mean The Hunt For Red October is my favorite, but the beauty of this trailer alone has my little ears perked up and my heart set to defrost. Plus, this sucker has my ancestryright in the title. Enjoy the first look at The Grand Budapest Hotel:




TRAILER: The Grand Hotel Budapest
| October 18, 2013 at 9:46AM
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