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TRAILER: Star Trek Into Darkness

Mar 11th | categories: Trailer

Wether it makes your blood pump with fandom or nerd hatred, the Star Trek franchise got the reboot it always needed in 2009. Much like the Chris Nolan Batman series, JJ Abrams found a way of wiping scraping away the cheesiness of a long muddied series and added a much needed grit, darkness and element of class.

A side note: The Star Wars prequels were the worst. So far off course of the darkness of a galaxy full of pirates and scum did they wander that even before being purchased by Disney, the story felt like something to be acted out by Mickey Mouse. Thank the wizard Abrams is tackling Episode VII.

If the new Star Wars films look anything like the Star Trek series, will it finally be ok with culture to love both? I'm curious on your take, leave it below in the comments, please!



TRAILER: Star Trek Into Darkness
| March 11, 2013 at 3:00PM
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