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Summer Camp Artist: Bleachers, EndSession + Interview

Jun 03rd | categories: Interview, Video

Just announced for Summer Camp 2014, Jack Antonoff started his own project called Bleachers. He'll bring the group to Marymoor on Aug 9th (full details).

The dude's been playing in bands since he was in high school, touring the east coast before turning 18. Jack Antonoff held back none of his desires to make his life's work one rich with music. After a giant few years writing, recording, and touring with Fun., Jack spent the last year creating his own album, in secret!

Jack sat down and discussed the process, who's involved, and playing most of the instruments himself. He has plans to balance both bands at once, loves hip-hop, and thinks this is the golden age of television (i'm sure it doesn't hurt that gf Lena Dunham is making said TV).

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Here's a couple songs Jack did while he was here:

He's super cool!



Summer Camp Band, Bleachers, EndSession + Interview
| June 03, 2014 at 7:45AM
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