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Sub Pop to Release Mogwai's 8th Studio Album, 'Rave Tapes'

Oct 29th | categories: Awesome, Music, Music News

It's gonna be hard to top an album with as excellent a name/music as Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. I'll never forget enjoying one too many stadium beers at Safeco, hopping on a bus headed downtown, almost getting in a fight after former End DJ Bryce told some middle aged guy to "fuck off", and showing up to Showbox at the Market for my favorite show of 2011: Mogwai. Few bands shake the stuff inside your rib cage quite as effectively as these well mixed, INSANELY loud noise-rockers.

They signed with Sub Pop for the above mentioned Hardcore, a subsequent remix album, and now, a follow-up: Rave Tapes. The instrumental, Scotish post-rock outfit seem to always grow from album to album but judging by the track below, this change could be less of a leap than the distance between previous works. Considering Hardcore's excellent content, this shouldn't be a problem!

[Rave Tapes cover via Sub Pop]



Sub Pop to Release Mogwai's 8th Studio Album, OMG
| October 29, 2013 at 6:46AM
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