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Sportscaster Puts the Heat on Football For Being Afraid of Gay Men

Feb 13th | categories: Awesome

At a time when a man is making a huge leap for human equality by announcing his never-before-declared-by-anyone-in-the-league sexuality, Michael Sam, a gay athlete, found defense in a land I often (unfairly) consider to be close minded*. A Dallas sportscaster has the perfect response to anyone in the NFL, or the world, that thinks he shouldn't be welcome in professional football.

*After living in the southwest for decades, I associate Texas with a culture of white guys in cowboy hats being racist towards Mexicans - a state we annexed from Mexico then hates the people we conquered. It's unfair bcof course Texas is full of wonderful people, it's just a strange stereotype that's easy for a liberal area to hate on for being so conservative. Time to grow up.



Sportscaster Puts the Heat on Football For Being Afraid of Gay Men
| February 13, 2014 at 6:03AM
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