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Sorry dogs, nobody wants to have lunch with you.

Sep 20th | categories: Animals, Local

Even though Seattle is extremely welcoming of our furry friends, a recent poll shows that only 9% of people in Washington are okay with dogs in restaurants and stores. This is pretty surprising considering more Seattleites have pets than kids! I totally get it though. Who wants hair in their food or slobber on their hands while eating/shopping? Ick! Poor Chowder, she'll have to stay home and drink beer with Gregr instead of going to the bar. (source)


Sorry dogs, nobody wants to have lunch with you.
| September 20, 2013 at 12:54PM
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| September 20, 2013 at 1:22PM
Though it is challenging, I have found several dog-friendly places to shop and eat around my Greenlake/Phinney-Wood neighborhood. It's silly to think that dog hairs would be in your food any more than people hairs (or worse). As long as the kitchen is separated from dogs and the place is kept clean (as it should be, anyway!), I see no problem with dogs in bars and restaurants. I think many places keep it on the down-low because they think they'll get in trouble, but is a great resource for finding openly dog-friendly places. We need MORE dog-friendly places (for friendly, well-behaved dogs) that aren't just "patio-friendly" -c'mon peeps! This is Seattle, patio only doesn't cut it and I don't consider that very friendly! Chowder and Gregr are welcome to hang out with my Boston Sookie and me at The Olde 99 or The Dray anytime!

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