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Sonic Youth Guitar Stolen

Dec 13th | categories: Music News, News

Theres a special kind of hell for people who rob bands. Yes, they're famous, no that doesn't mean they have money to go out and replace their stuff all the time. Especially if they're just getting started. While Sonic Youth have indeed been around for some years, their guitars carry obvious sentimental value, alongside the fact that they're all heavily modified by the band to give them that unique sound we've come to know and love. Perhaps the worst part about this story is that the band are no strangers to this happening in the past, with guitars showing up just a few months ago that had been thought gone forever, years ago. Below you'll find Thrustons note and specifics about the guitar that was taken after a solo set lest night. Our best wishes to him to get it back and goddamn you if you've even ever thought about this sort of thing.
Hi -- Thurston Moore had his 1966 (circa) Fender Jazzmaster stolen from the Best Western in Philadelphia (501 N 22nd St) last night 12-12-12 around 12 midnight. It's Thurston's iconic Sonic Youth black Jazzmaster with all the stickers on its body. Here's a couple of photos. A police report has been filed. Please email us if anyone tries to sell this relic to yur store, it would be appreciated. Please forward to other guitar stores you may know in the area.





Sonic Youth Guitar Stolen
| December 13, 2012 at 11:15AM
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