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So, You're In Seattle: Sean McCormick

Sep 03rd | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

Man, I LOVE floating. Knowing my fascination with outer space, you may think I'm talking orbital weightlessness or skydiving or something, but in this case, no. Sean McCormick is one of my first Seattle friends and he went from being a sales guy upstairs in the suit department to opening his own floatation center in Green Lake.


Floating involves a large tank filled with water and enough salt to make you float. Hop in for an hour in the darkness and quiet - perfect for letting your mind let go of the stressful processes it's constantly running. It's the best. I've done it a bunch and it's so great. We nerd out about floating and WAY more on episode 027 (below).

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Check out Float Seattle and book a float, it's SUPER worth it.



So, You're In Seattle: Sean McCormick
| September 03, 2014 at 8:33AM
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