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So, You're In Seattle: Rocky Votolato

Jun 12th | categories: Interview, Locals Only

I went out on a couple dates with a woman that, despite no longer being a kid, a decade later was still totally affected by one singer songwriter from our own backyard, Rocky Votolato. I went to a wedding for a great friend of mine, and among the performers: DJ Whiskers, Andrew WK, and Rocky Votolato.

The dude has a billion great songs from different staple Seattle bands: Waxwing and his own solo moniker. He's a charming, soft-spoken fellow - a man that taught me a little more about what it's like to write personal, difficult things and then share them with an audience - that intimacy and vulnerability gave me a whole new respect for what artists do.

Rocky and his brother Cody (The Blood Brothers) are touring down the west coast trying out some new songs for another LP. He'll return to Seattle for a show at the Tractor Tavern, Saturday, June 14th, and then Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in July.

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So, You're In Seattle: Rocky Votolato
| June 06, 2014 at 9:50AM
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