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Slightly Stoopid @ Marymoor 07.10.14

Jul 13th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music

Slightly Stoopid performed at Marymoor Park under a giant haze of marijuana smoke that enveloped the entire park. This was probably one of the happiest crowds I have ever encountered at a concert. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food a little more, they laughed harder at each others jokes and most importantly they danced their asses off while Slightly Stoopid had a great time on stage.

Stephen Marley performed just before them. An incredible array of reggae including some of the greatest hits created by his Father Bob Marley. The music was so great but I have to say I was most impressed by the young boy on stage to the right of Stephen waving the Jamaican flag to the beat of the music from song one until the end of the set! I think I would have gotten through about 1/2 of one song and needed a rest.

-Mat Hayward
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Slightly Stoopid @ Marymoor 07.10.14
| July 13, 2014 at 10:03PM
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