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Slayer, Played on Banjo and Ukulele

Jun 08th | categories:

If you're a fan of either Slayer, banjo, or ukulele, you gotta watch this!

I don't know who Rob Scallon is, but he's getting a lot of attention on Youtube with these videos. At first I was kinda bummed, because I thought they'd be solo arrangements for these instruments. Instead, he's just playing the guitar part on banjo and ukelele, along with the backing tracks.

Once I put my classical guitar player snobbery in check, I enjoyed how ripping this is!

'Raining Blood' for banjo, in case your Bluegrass trio wants to be edgy.

'War Ensemble', played on Ukulele!



Slayer, Played on Banjo and Ukelele
| June 08, 2014 at 8:09PM
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