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Seattle's a snobby city? Nooo....

Jul 02nd | categories: Funny, Local

It's finally come to this. Years of the Seattle freeze, the know it all baristas, the cooler than you hipsters, and the smarter than you techs... they've all added up and now we're considered a SNOBBY CITY. In fact we ranked #5 on the America's Snobbiest Cities list from Travel + Leisure magazine. #5? Damn, that's rough. We tied with Santa Fe, New Mexico (LOL) and guess what? Portland is WAY less snobby than us. UGH THE INJUSTICE! ;) Check out the full list and reasons why we ranked so high over here.


Seattle's a snobby city? Nooo....
| July 02, 2013 at 12:12PM
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