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Seahawks Defensive Line Take 100 Kids Christmas Shopping!

Dec 17th | categories: Seattle Sports, TV, Video

These GIANT men on the field at Century Link Field, masked in helmets, fueled by adrenaline (and sometimes Skittles) represent more than celebrity. The players on the Seahawks earn a type of William Wallace legend. Surely, they can't just be regular humans, right? Indeed they are mere mortals, with feelings and hearts and gooey insides and stuff.

These awesome Seattle stars show us how they transform into regular humans dudes by taking a slice of their prosperity that they've busted butts to earn and take the time to give it back to the local community, specifically the kids. How? The defensive line of the Seahawks got together, invited a bunch of Boys and Girls club kids and went Christmas shopping!




Seahawks Defensive Line Take 100 Kids Christmas Shopping!
| December 17, 2013 at 8:03AM
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