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Said The Whale EndSession 06.20.13

Jun 20th | categories:

Said The Whale performed an EndSession at the Gibson Showroom this afternoon before their show tonight at the Tractor Tavern. I kid you not, since then over and over and over again in my head I am hearing their infectious song I love you. I've been walking up to random people the last couple of hours and singing lyrics such as "You're kind of soft in the middle!" then walking away while humming "you know you know I love you." I don't even realize I'm doing it until after the fact.

These kooky Canadians are a lot of fun. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and interacting with their fans. I've never seen artists put more time into their autographs creating customized, individual works of art on each and every poster (I got a self portrait of Ben Worcester fishing on a lake near a cabin at night). Here are a few photos from the afternoon. As mentioned, they are playing tonight (Thursday 6/20 at the Tractor)...if you can't make it to that show they'll be back on August 10 at Marymoore Park for Summer Camp 2013. You definitely have to go to that!

-Mat Hayward
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Said The Whale EndSession 06.20.13
| June 20, 2013 at 5:52PM
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Jason Works
| June 21, 2013 at 11:04AM
I love going to shows when the band is as good or better live then in the studio. Said the Whale was no let at all. Hearing "I Love You" live has been nearly impossible to get out of my head, and it was the 1st song i heard when I turned the radio on this morning.. I'm hoping the session version get radio time. Thank you.

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