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Rumor: Daft Punk to Headline Coachella

Dec 17th | categories: Music News

Look, normally when it comes to Daft Punk news, I take it with a grain of salt (especially when it comes to leaks) but with the leak of an email from music site, Songkick claiming that The Rolling Stones, Daft Punk, Phoenix, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are all playing... it kinda makes you stop and think for a moment. Last week The Rolling Stones iphone app leaked the news theyre playing, both Phoenix and Yeah Yeah Yeahs have confirmed albums dropping in the spring of next year, and Daft should be done right around then too... is it outlandish to imagine we could have such a stellar top tier of acts? Only time will tell, the lineup generally sees a release at the end of January so until then, hold on to your butts.


Rumor: Daft Punk to Headline Coachella
| December 17, 2012 at 11:34AM
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