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Review Writers! Write a good one for Jesus! *and a free Ipad*

Jan 22nd | categories: Funny, Local

You've heard of Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll? He was the one that saidAvatar was the devil?? Ya... the same one that recently said it's a 'blessing' to be closer to AIDS patients because their new downtown location is close to Capitol Hill...oh yes he did!
Thanks to The Stranger, we know now that he has a new book to promote and he thought hey you give him a good review on the book and you could win an ipad. good incentive? until it backfired :/ one review says, "This book is probably good. I haven't read it but am hoping by writing this review to win an iPad mini being given away by Pastor Mark. Yes, I'm honest."

My buddy Chad also did a review for Pastor Mark's book,
inspired by one of the hilarious banana slicer reviews:
"In all my 31 years of confused and misguided drudgery on this planet, I had amassed a plethora of questions, BURNING questions, that could not be answered my usual musings with parents, peers, and internet searches on the iPad I had not yet won. After viewing Jackie Chan's cinematic masterpiece, 'Who Am I?' I came to realize two things. One; I really wished I had learned martial arts as a child, and two; I had no idea who I was. I mean I recognized myself in the mirror, and I liked what I saw and everything, but who was I on the INSIDE, beneath the stunning good looks and charming personality?

At first I thought the answer lies in material things. I tried drugs, promiscuous sexual relations, exquisite dining, iPads... Sure they were great, and I continue to do them, but there was a hole they didn't fill... Something else I needed to buy. It was as if there was a $13.64 void in my soul, and no one on this planet that had any understanding of it.

That missing bit of consumerism was filled by this book. It taught me how to truly appreciate Mr. Driscoll and his relationship with God. If was as if all my years of sin had been vicariously lifted, and I could finally be at peace knowing that I truly understand His (the author's) burden and sacrifice in giving up so much in his pursuit of genuinely wanting to help people. And by that I mean mostly iPads.

I cannot recommend this book enough. If you've ever had questions such as, "Who do I think I am?", "How can I avoid years of therapy and intense personal reflection?", "Is there a way to win a free iPad on Amazon?", and "What is Mark Driscoll's relationship status?" then this is the book for you. It's found a permanent resting spot on my bookshelf between my treasured copies of 'How to Identify Wood' and 'How to Avoid Huge Ships'. Maybe it will find a place on your shelf too. And then you can understand the inner joy that is Mark Driscoll."


Review Writers! If you can make a banana slicer sound good, see what you can do for this book.
| January 22, 2013 at 10:04AM
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a review of your review on mark driscolls reviews
| January 23, 2013 at 9:04AM
While your friends definitely sound like experts on the subject, I really don't see the harm in promoting a book through a contest. The End encourages participation through contests hourly. If you have something you think is good you want to get people involved. You don't have to agree with Mark Driscoll or Christianity to see that you go a little overboard in going after this guy.

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