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Re-living the Silver Jubilee, one photo at a time...

Jul 15th | categories: Local, Music

This weekend's birthday festivities for Sub Pop were the best. The Comedy Thing on Friday night was hilarious and Saturday's Jubilee exceeded everyone's expectations. It was so beautiful out and the event was executed really well. The crowds weren't too bad, there were so many fun things to see/do and all of the bands were incredible. No, Soundgarden didn't show up, but everything else was so great that no one cared. I mean, I could go on and on and just gush for days about how more fun I had, but instead... I offer you a glimpse into my Instagram feed so you can re-live the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee with me. Spoiler Alert: It's 90% Father John Misty. Sorry, NOT sorry. :) Thanks for an incredibly special day Sub Pop! XOXOXO

Who doesn't want to put their face into their favorite album art? I will forever regret not taking advantage of the Sebadoh "Bakesale" baby butt cut out. Ugh.

I finally got lucky enough to meet my one true love, Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty. Not only is he super talented and gorgeous, he's also hilarious and a sweetheart. Swoon away!

I covered myself in Sub Pop temporary tattoos. This one was my favorite at first, but the (not pictured) giant tattoo that said LOSER on my upper arm quickly became the true fav. Infact, I haven't even washed it off yet....

FJM did an incredible live set, as always... Everyone was singing along and there was even a little slow dancing.

If you have some great photos from the Jubilee, comment below and link them! I wanna see! Or if you're wondering what happened that didn't involve Father John Misty, well the Seattle PI has a pretty nice photo gallery over here.


Re-living the Silver Jubilee, one photo at a time...
| July 15, 2013 at 9:24AM
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