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Pulp - "After You" (Produced by James Murphy)

Dec 26th | categories: Music, Music News

2012 was the year of many things including Skrillex, Marijuana legalization, and blowing up the moon. It was also the year PULP reunited for a grand total of like 5 US shows and then disappeared back into the night. Not however before playing 2 of those final sets on the SS Coachella which featured a secret collaborator in the form of former LCD frontman, James Murphy who produced a "lost classic" for the band, "After You" which had been floating around unfinished for some time. Fans of Mr. Murphy should recognize his trademark bass tones, but otherwise the track is the best of both world from each artist and comes to us via a free download issued at the bands final UK show. Stream it below and then do a rain dance that we get more Pulp down the line.



Pulp - "After You" (Produced by James Murphy)
| December 26, 2012 at 6:25PM
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