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Politics Rarely Consider The Issue of THE UNDEAD!!!

Oct 31st | categories: Funny

Take a deep breath, we're almost through the worst season: politics. The election is next week and I'm so ready for it to just die. The commercials, the commentary, the awkward work conversations when you've just realized your colleague is voting for "that guy". Yuck.

There is one super important issue that does need to be discussed, and there's no one better to tackle it than Jos Whedon. Which presidential candidate is best suited for... THE UNDEAD!!!

HAHAHAHAHA. Also, before you start the whining, I dislike both main candidates and really only care about R-74 getting passed. I will still vote for President, but it will be a wasted vote for a third party candidate.

Thanks for posting this, Cody!



Politics Rarely Consider The Issue of THE UNDEAD!!!
| October 31, 2012 at 3:42PM
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