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Macklemore's making news again..

Jan 15th | categories: Funny, Local, Music, Seattle Sports

Thanks to this incredibly cool jacket that he posted on his Instagram account. Even if you don't like what it says, the jacket is pretty sweet. It's shiny! And those colors aren't bad. Plus, they got the font just right. I'd only be offended if they used puff paint on a $2 t-shirt. Not everyone agrees with me though, and by "not everyone", I of course mean 49ers fans. The comments on this photo are priceless and never ending thanks to Macklemore's GIGANTIC fan base. Even The Stranger is talking about it. I'd rather he rocked a vintage "Go Hawks" jacket instead, but this is good too. GO HAWKS!

(You need to look at the photo for this blog to make sense, so click away!)

Oh, and have you seen these ridiculous NFL Hipster Logos? Ours is perfect.

Photo via flickr.


Macklemore's making news again..
| January 15, 2014 at 1:23PM
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