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Paul McCartney 'Early Days' Video Featuring Johnny Depp

Jul 10th | categories:

Paul McCartney wasn't planning on releasing a video for 'Early Days', until director Vincent Haycock convinced him. It's a song about him and John Lennon in the early days. But rather than young versions of themselves acting it out, they went for random, aspiring musicians, set in the 1950's South.

What's also cool, is jam session footage of Paul, Johnny Depp, and a bunch of great blues players that's mixed in to the video. You have to look close, it's done so well you might miss it!

It's a beautiful song, although Paul's voice isn't what it once was. He compensates for his narrowed range with a falsetto that doesn't really work. But then hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies kick in and make up for it. - Zach



Paul McCartney 'Early Days' Video Featuring Johnny Depp
| July 10, 2014 at 4:18PM
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