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Passion Pit are Totally Influenced by this 90's Video Game

Feb 15th | categories: Music

As someone that talks on the radio, I hear the first 10 and last 10 seconds of every song through headphones. It's crazy how much more detail jumps out of a song when its glued to your head. Listening to Passion Pit's Carried Away that closely, suddenly triggered memories of a simpler digital time. These two clips are my argument for how Passion Pit is directly influenced by 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog.

First listen to the beginning/end of Carried Away for those fat, synthy bass parts mixed with the magically bright sparkly noises:

Sure is fun! Now, after the little intro noises you'll hear what totally sounds like 16 bit Passion Pit (start at :16):



How Video Games Are GOOD FOR YOU!
| February 15, 2013 at 5:49PM
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