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PICTURE: First Official Photos Of Bansky

Sep 18th | categories: Art

Aside from Shepard Fairey who's whored out his art, turning it not only into a multi-million dollar brand you probably own something from (Obey) as well as crafting that nearly ubiquitous Obama "Hope" poster, Bansky is far and away the most famous street artist. Oscar nominated for his Exit Through The Gift Shop film, a commentary on the meaninglessness of his chosen profession and it's plunge into hype and consumerism. Aside from a blurred out pitch shifted narrative interview that weaves through-out the film and some brief non-discript footage, he remains entirely anonymous and un-photographed, an amazing feat for someone of his stature. However, today we get our first confirmed photos of the man (though his face is still blurred), he remains masked as a part of an upcoming book about, get this... his football club. I'm pretty lazy to go into the details so you can read more of those here and have a looksy (see what I did there) at the pics below...



PICTURE: First Official Photos Of Bansky
| September 18, 2012 at 5:57PM
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