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Our first taste of True Blood is here!

Apr 01st | categories: Awesome, TV, Video

Have you seen it yet? Huh, huh, have you? HBO finally revealed the first promo teaser for Season 6 of True Blood (and yes season 5 was the dumbest thing I've ever willingly watched on tv, but I'm still excited). "Billith" is back and pretty scary in this promo, there's talk of war, lots of blood, and everyone looks freaked. Even the vampires! Watch it below and start wishing it was June already.

Oh and if you're a fan of HBO's other huge hit Game Of Thrones, they seriously got me this morning with their April Fool's Joke! They "announced" that Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion would be replaced next season and just as I was getting ready to write an angry letter, I realized what day it is. Check out their amazing prank here.


Our first taste of True Blood is here!
| April 01, 2013 at 9:32AM
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