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Our Friend Is On Conan Tonight!

Jan 07th | categories: Funny

Think about how many people you know that have huge dreams that are weighed down by the sand bags of stonerdom? Seems like eveyone's got big ideas that don't account for paying the rent on time or getting the credit card paid down. I grew up with a guy named Dan. He's as funny as a monkey in a balloon sword fight.

Dan used to be late to work every tuesday night at the radiostation because he was bombing at open mic night. He moved to NYC, and worked harder than an illegal alien to make it. Now his full time job is comedy. Sweet.

Here he is being awesome on Nick and Artie sporting the Easy St records shirt he picked up when playing Bumbershoot last September:

Plus, he's tall and has those sexy pipes if you're looking for a funny lover, lady.



Our Friend Is On Conan Tonight!
| January 07, 2013 at 4:18PM
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