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New Rubik's Cube World Record

Mar 03rd | categories: Nerd Stuff, Video

According to very specific field research at the GREGR Institute of Coffee and Cubing, most everyone on the planet is blown away seeing a scrambled cube solved in 30-40 seconds. They're all "jlgskahjgdlagjksal" when i finish and they proceed to tell me "yeah, i just peel the stickers off". Me: ..............
Well for the last couple years the fastest official competition solve stood at 5.6 seconds, but over the weekend this European kids smashed it into oblivion... 5.55 seconds!!!!

I asked Nick Vu Rubik's Cube Guru his thoughts and he responded with something like "well he did get a PLL skip and it was a very low move count - around 43 - dude, that's 8 moves a second!" So, there's that.
Also, please send me this video as often as you want, it's the juggling one i'm tired of seeing on the ol' FB!



New Rubik's Cube World Record
| March 03, 2013 at 12:28PM
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