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New Music Discovery: Mars Volta + Flea = Antemasque

Apr 09th | categories: Music, Music News, whatever

I've tried for years to understand exactly who everyone in At The Drive In/Mars Volta/Sparta is. They might even all be the same people, just one super man that splits into various other characters a la Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Here's what I do know: none of those bands are still functioning.

Now the main songwriters behind the Mars Volta, following a two year split, have reformed as a new group: Antemasque. Joined by RHCP bassist, Flea, this clip from the studio is both awesome sounding and super fun!

Cedric seems like he'd be SUPER ANNOYING to record with but hilarious for us watching on the internet.



New Music Discovery: Mars Volta + Flea = Antemasque
| April 09, 2014 at 8:53AM
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