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Move Over 1989, SUPER Nintendo Is Here!

Nov 15th | categories: Nerd Stuff, TV

Just in time for the holidays, maybe you're ready to upgrade from that dumb old NES to the... ready... the SNES!! Yes, the year is 1991 and you're excited for your folks to drop $200 on this major gaming revolution. PARENTS BEWARE: as the news will tell you, you don't want your kids to get sucked into... VIDEO MANIA!!!!!!!

Now let's rocket further into the future and see how things are progressing. It's the age of N64 and Play Station. It's been a while since Sega made a blip with the Genesis, but they're back to tackle some market share:

I paid $600 for the PS3 when it came out. What an idiot...



Move Over 1989, SUPER Nintendo Is Here!
| November 15, 2012 at 4:53PM
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