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Move Over, Air Force, The Navy Has Lasers!

Apr 08th | categories: Nerd Stuff

Coming from a military family, i've been around the service my whole life - specifically the Army. Since I was once (and arguaby still am) an 8 year old boy, I LOVE JETS! During my youth, the B-2 and F-117A stealth jets were A BIG F****** DEAL.

The Navy must have been all "awwww" because they've gone and implemented something straight out of Transformers or maybe even Real Genius: strapping LASERs on ships. Watch as they shoot down an unmanned drone flying along over the ocean:

Ok, so a couple quick things. One, if we're gonna believe in laser technology, there needs to be a colored beam of light. So what if it gives up your position, I didn't grow up watching the Deathstar blowing the shit out of Alderaan just to be underwhelmed like a 12 year old. Secondly, with no beam, i'm just to assume that they didn't just strap together 50 sparklers, duct tape them to the drone and light a massive fuse... :D





Move Over, Airforce, The Navy Has Lasers!
| April 08, 2013 at 3:31PM
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