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Maybe it's time for Dave Grohl to get a pen name.

Jan 17th | categories: Music, Music News

Could it be that the beloved mayor of rocknroll is tippin the scale of overexposure?
that's hard for me to consider because I love Dave a little too much but I dont want the haters to win ..he's been in the news everyday *btw, that song with Corey Taylor is rough :/ * and he might need to ease up.... it's kinda like when you're gaining weight and a family member says 'you're fat!" You're not fat but if you don't slow down you will be. That is why I propose a pen name for Dave Grohl. He doesn't need the publicity and it's fun to use an alias. Click here for a pen name generator and let's come up with a good one for him.


It's time for Dave Grohl to get a pen name.
| January 17, 2013 at 8:16AM
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