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Make Your Own Instrument For The Cost of a 12 Pack!

Mar 07th | categories: Music, Video

Dude, if you grew up watching the spacepeople on Star Trek make food out of thin air, then you probably already know about the rad world of 3D printing. Yeah, it's a real thing! You provide a 3D design and a printer makes it out of plasitc. So what if we brought in a plan for a musical instrument? The answer: you get a twelve dollar violin! I paid more for dinner last night ON $5 BURGER NIGHT! (after a beer and a side...).

Listen, this is the first run and it's obvious, but just think in a couple years how we'll be growing new ear drums so Bryce can stop whining about hearing loss!



Make Your Own Instrument For The Cost of a 12 Pack!
| March 07, 2013 at 3:31PM
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