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Macklemore thrift shops at Nordstrom!?

Apr 09th | categories: Fashion, Local, Music

Nordstrom, the huge retail store that is not even close to being cheap, has randomly posted a video on their bridal site featuring Macklemore. and Ryan Lewis of course. It's a wedding party commercial featuring his song "And We Danced". It's nice though that the people in the video with Macklemore are of all shapes, colors, sizes, and sexual orientations proving as always that Macklemore is a cool dude. Even if he is selling out a little bit. JUST KIDDING I LOVE NORDSTROM. I also love "And We Danced" it's my favorite Mack song, actually.
Watch the commercial below.


Macklemore thrift shops at Nordstrom!?
| April 09, 2013 at 9:37AM
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